This is in English and it´s about Tino Sanandaji

I get some requests for statistics from Sweden. I´m not the guy to give you that but Tino Sanandaji is:
Tinos book, Massutmaning in swedish (means something like The big challange or A lot of challanges), is an easy to understand and very clear review of the problems Sweden is facing. All of the numbers in the book is from official sources. The book will come in an english version; hopefully soon. 
It is safe to say it is a hit!
The book Massutmaning (A lot of challanges) is number one in all categories in Swedens two top net book stores.
From the back cover of the book you can get some stats: 
Foreign-born people (in Sweden) account for about 17% of the population and second-generation immigrants, for additional 5%. 
The foreign-born account for 53% of them with long prison terms, 54% of the unemployed, and they receive 60% of the paid social benefits. 71% of Sweden child poverty is among households with a foreign background, while 76% of the members of criminal gangs have an immigrant background.
Just to show you that Sweden have a problem. Obviously there are many factors other than immigration, but of course it has a big impact on society.
The serious journalists who want the right digits are advised to contact Tino Sanandaji.


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